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OCS Group Develops Groundbreaking ESG Playbook for Sanur SEZ

OCS Team

OCS Team

08 Dec, 2023

OCS Group Develops Groundbreaking ESG Playbook for Sanur SEZ

Sanur, Bali, 8 December 2023 – OCS Group has further enhanced its global Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) expertise in Indonesia by supporting the establishment of the inaugural ESG Playbook for a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), specifically tailored for Sanur SEZ in Bali province. The ESG Playbook, serving as a set of guidelines for ESG activities, will play a fundamental role in achieving the sustainability objectives of Sanur SEZ.

Launching this initiative, OCS Group Indonesia held an ESG Workshop at Sanur SEZ today (08/12/23). The event featured Jeffry Johary, Managing Director of OCS Group Indonesia; Doddy A. Matondang, President Director of PT Hotel Internasional Sanur Indonesia (HISI); and Peter Seeley, OCS Group’s Head of ESG, who served as the keynote speaker.

Jeffry Johary, Managing Director of OCS Group Indonesia, underlined the importance of collaboration in making the ESG efforts a reality within Sanur SEZ. “As a global facilities services company with leading technology solutions and a strong commitment to ESG, we encourage collaboration for advancing initiatives. Working side by side with PT HISI, we aim to align the Sanur SEZ with global sustainability trends, making the SEZ more appealing and beneficial in the long run through the development of the first ESG Playbook across all SEZs,” he said.

PT HISI, the company managing the Sanur SEZ, is an affiliate of PT Hotel Indonesia Natour (HIN), which is a member of PT Aviasi Pariwisata Indonesia (Persero). Sanur SEZ, a pioneering concept in health and wellness development, is Indonesia’s first Health SEZ, accentuating wellbeing, and natural beauty along the beaches of Bali.

Sanur SEZ aims to become a premier tourism destination through the fusion of medical and wellness tourism, offering an end-to-end customer experience that integrates health and tourism services. This includes a range of facilities such as health services, hotels, MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) accommodation, an ethnobotanical garden, and commercial centres. The development of Sanur SEZ is a strategic transformation, positioning Indonesia as a world-class medical and wellness centre.

Doddy A. Matondang, the President Director of PT HISI, underlined the importance of the ESG Playbook in developing Sanur SEZ’s credibility and professionalism. “The playbook provides a framework for integrating sustainable practices into the development and operations of this zone to be at the forefront of this industry, both locally and internationally. By emphasising environmental responsibility, social inclusivity, and strong governance, the ESG Playbook will help SEZ in attracting more investors, building resilience, and contributing positively to the surrounding communities and ecosystems,” he said.

OCS Group’s Head of ESG, Peter Seeley, added that through the smooth and successful development of the ESG Playbook for Sanur SEZ, OCS will help in making significant contributions through its knowledge and experience.

“We are perfectly positioned to make a real difference in two areas: advancing social mobility and protecting our planet’s natural resources. By focusing on the right actions in these areas, and working in partnership with our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and communities, we can play a key role in ensuring safe passage to a better future for generations to come,” he said.

Building on its commitment to sustainability, OCS Group Indonesia has further elevated its ESG programme, launched in May of this year. With a focus on four key ESG targets – carbon footprint reduction, health and safety culture, rural youth development, and good corporate governance – OCS Group Indonesia has established rigorous requirements and will collaborate closely with all related stakeholders to fully achieve these targets by end of 2033.

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