OCS Group Indonesia Commits to Achieving Net Carbon Zero by the End of 2033

OCS Team

OCS Team

29 May, 2023

OCS Group Indonesia Commits to Achieving Net Carbon Zero by the End of 2033

Jakarta, 29 May 2023 – OCS Group Indonesia has reinforced the importance of sustainability by pledging to achieving net carbon zero by the end of 2033.

This commitment was made during a Sustainability Commitment Launch event in Jakarta last week, attended by key sustainability partners, including Diversey Indonesia, Signify Indonesia, Trace+, and Inecosolar.

OCS Group Indonesia CEO, Jeffry Johary, says we recognise the urgent need for collective action. An acceleration to 2033 is crucial to support the industry’s sustainable practices.

“We want to ensure that by 2033, the carbon OCS Group Indonesia adds to the atmosphere will be no more than the amount removed – we’re committing to being net carbon zero. By doing this, we will play a significant role in reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to creating a more sustainable planet.”

Mr Johary has disclosed that the company will prioritise four key ESG targets; reducing carbon footprint, health and safety culture, rural youth development and quality corporate governance.

Mr Johary hopes he can pave the way for other large Indonesian companies and inspire them to look into their carbon footprints too.

Recognising the ambitious nature of the net zero carbon is an ambitious goal, OCS Group Indonesia remains confident in its ability to achieve it. The company will leverage support from the OCS Group, collaborate closely with OCS Australia and New Zealand, including the NZ Sustainability Council, optimise resources, and tap into the global network to focus on green chemical substances, eliminate plastic waste, and energy efficiency.

During a visit to Jakarta, Gareth Marriott, Managing Director of OCS Australia and New Zealand, expressed his commitment to supporting their Indonesian counterparts in their sustainability journey. The exchange of knowledge and collaborative effort will drive positive change.

Mr Marriott recently led and developed the sixth 2023 Sustainability Report for OCS Australia and New Zealand.

“Jeffry and I recognise the pressing need to champion environmentally sustainable practices within our industry and beyond – caring for our people, communities and planet. I’m committed to supporting our Indonesian colleagues on their sustainability path, working hand in hand to drive positive change.”

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