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Kalyendirya & Storytelling

OCS Team

OCS Team

19 Jan, 2024

Kalyendirya & Storytelling

We believe that street children are created in the image of the Supreme Being with inherent worth and dignity. Therefore, they have the right to live and be protected from any form of abuse. They should be given opportunities to express themselves and maximize their potentials to help themselves and others.


Childhope Philippines

On the 25th of October 2023, something truly magical happened in the heart of Paco, Manila. OCS Philippines and Childhope Philippines joined hands, not just as organizations, but as beacons of hope, compassion, and change. The result? A day filled with joy, optimism, and knowledge, a day that left a profound mark on the youthful hearts of Paco.

This remarkable corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was a symphony of compassion and learning. It started with enlightening sessions that emphasized the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness. These simple yet vital lessons are the building blocks of healthier and happier lives, paving the way for brighter futures.

But it wasn’t all about lectures and rules. There were engaging recreational activities that brought laughter and excitement, reminding us that education can be fun. Storytelling sessions added another layer of magic, allowing the children to not just listen but become the story itself. This ignited their creativity, turning them into heroes of their own tales.

And what’s a day of learning and play without nourishing meals? OCS Philippines and Childhope Philippines ensured that every child was not just fed but nourished, their bodies and minds ready to embrace the world with renewed strength.

This noble endeavour transcends charity; it is a testament to our shared mission of improving well-being. It’s a shining example of our commitment to leave a lasting impact wherever we go. Every action we take, every location we visit, and every individual we encounter becomes an opportunity to make the world a better place.

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