Gender Pay Report

Gender pay gap reporting is a legislation to disclose the difference in average pay between men and women within our workforce. This involves calculating the mean and median gender pay gaps in average hourly pay, as well as bonuses within a 12-month period. For every entity with over 250 colleagues, we must report to our pay gap at the snapshot date of 5th April each year.

We have undertaken detailed analysis of the data to understand our position, as shown in the report. Our reported gender pay gap includes the impact of the breadth of front-line employee roles we have in the UK business, and the relative proportion of male and female employees within these different roles. We believe that having a diverse culture generates diversity of thinking, innovation, higher levels of colleague engagement, and ultimately better outcomes for our customers. Whilst we understand our gender pay gap, we are committed to making OCS a more diverse and inclusive organisation, across all our roles. We confirm that the information included in this report is accurate.

From 2023, our report includes the multiple different entities of the combined business.

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