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A Sit-down with Group CEO, Rob Legge in honour of Armed Forces Day

Rob Legge, Group CEO

Rob Legge, Group CEO

28 Jun, 2024

A Sit-down with Group CEO, Rob Legge in honour of Armed Forces Day


OCS is known as a ‘forces-friendly employer.’ Can you explain what that means and why it is essential to the company?

Being a ‘forces-friendly employer’ means actively recruiting and supporting veterans, reservists, and their families. This is crucial because veterans bring many skills and values from their military service, such as leadership, discipline, resilience, and teamwork. We believe in providing opportunities for those who have served, honouring their commitment by offering meaningful employment and helping them transition to civilian life.

Veterans and Employment

Why do you believe the facilities services industry is an ideal fit for veterans?

The facilities services industry aligns well with veterans’ skills and experiences. Their ability to handle complex, high-pressure situations, adaptability, and strong work ethic make them ideal for roles in our sector. Whether managing security, maintaining facilities, or providing customer service, veterans’ military training and experiences prepare them well for these responsibilities.

How does OCS support veterans transitioning from military service to civilian employment?

We aim to provide support in a few ways, including tailored training programmes that bridge military skills to civilian roles, mentorship schemes pairing veterans with experienced colleagues, and career development opportunities. Our partnership with organisations like The Poppy Factory helps us connect with veterans, understand their unique needs, and offer personalised support and guidance. Our early involvement with veteran resettlement programmes has also played a vital role in providing this support, helping veterans transition smoothly from military to civilian life.

Social Mobility and Investment

How does OCS promote social mobility within the company?

We create pathways for all colleagues to advance. We focus on inclusive hiring practices, continuous professional development, and providing opportunities for career progression. Our apprenticeship and training programmes are designed to help colleagues at all levels enhance their skills and advance within the company. We believe in promoting from within and supporting our colleagues’ growth and development.

What specific initiatives does OCS have in place to invest in the professional development of its colleagues, particularly veterans?

We offer several initiatives aimed at professional development, including apprenticeships and bespoke training programmes. These programmes focus on leadership development, technical skills, and industry-specific knowledge. We also have mentoring schemes where colleagues, including veterans, can receive guidance from experienced colleagues. Specifically, partnerships with veteran support and development organisations ensure our veteran colleagues can access various resources and support.

Making People and Places the Best They Can Be

One of OCS’s goals is to make people and places the best they can be. How do veterans contribute to achieving this goal?

Veterans bring our team a unique perspective and a strong sense of unity. Their commitment to excellence and ability to work under pressure contribute significantly to our goal of making people and places the best they can be. They help us maintain high service standards, drive continuous improvement, and inspire their colleagues with dedication and work ethic.

How does OCS ensure a supportive and inclusive work environment for all its colleagues, including veterans?

We foster a culture based on our TRUE values: Trust, Respect, Unity, and Empowerment. Our policies and practices support all colleagues, including veterans, through flexible working arrangements, mental health support, and a comprehensive induction programme that helps new hires integrate smoothly.

Armed Forces Day and Community Engagement

What would you like to convey to the public and the OCS team on Armed Forces Day?

On Armed Forces Day, I want to thank all who have served and continue to serve. Let’s continue to support our veteran colleagues and honour the values they represent. Our commitment to being a forces-friendly employer is strong, and we will remain committed to this community.

Can you talk about OCS’s work with The Poppy Factory and the significance of this partnership?

Our partnership with The Poppy Factory is crucial in helping veterans find meaningful employment. The Poppy Factory supports veterans with health conditions at work, and we are proud to collaborate with them to offer opportunities within OCS. This partnership significantly impacts veterans’ lives, helping them transition to civilian life with dignity and purpose. It also aligns with our values of Trust, Respect, Unity, and Empowerment.

Armed Forces Covenant and Troopr Partnership

OCS has committed to the Armed Forces Covenant. Can you explain what this covenant entails and why it is significant for OCS?

The Armed Forces Covenant is a way to support the armed forces community, ensuring those who serve or have served in the military and their families are treated fairly and respectfully. Committing to the covenant is a public affirmation of our dedication to supporting the military community and reflects our drive to provide opportunities and support for veterans and their families. Before the merger both legacy OCS and Atalian Servest had pledged to the covenant, as a newly merged business, OCS is now taking the necessary steps to renew our pledges and apply for Silver status in the employer recognition scheme as part of the covenant.

How will the partnership with Troopr benefit veterans and forces-friendly employers like OCS?

Our partnership with Troopr will enhance our ability to connect with veterans and provide them with tailored employment opportunities. Troopr’s platform helps match veterans’ skills with the right roles within OCS, ensuring a better fit and a greater chance of sustainable employment. This partnership also strengthens our reputation as a forces-friendly employer.

Future Plans and Vision

How do you see the role of veterans evolving within OCS in the coming years?

I see veterans playing an increasingly vital role within our organisation. As we continue to grow, veterans’ skills and leadership qualities will be more critical than ever. We will expand our support programmes and create more opportunities for veterans to take on leadership roles, helping drive our business forward and maintain our high service and operational excellence standards.

What advice would you give to other companies looking to become more force-friendly and supportive of veterans?

Recognise the value that veterans bring and actively support them. Establish clear pathways for recruitment and development and create a culture that values their contributions. Partnering with veteran support organisations is another good way to understand better and meet their needs. Most importantly, listen to veterans and involve them in shaping your policies and programmes.

Personal Reflections

As a veteran yourself, what personal experiences have influenced your leadership style and vision for OCS?

My military service taught me the importance of leadership, resilience, and teamwork, which has shaped my approach to leading OCS. I believe in leading by example, being transparent, and trying my best to create an environment where everyone can thrive. The vision for OCS is rooted in these values, ensuring we are a company that supports and uplifts all our colleagues. This vision is vital to building the best teams, built on a culture of trust, respect, unity, and empowerment, recognising and developing individual strengths, promoting collaboration, and ensuring every team member feels valued and heard. This approach helps us deliver the best customer outcomes and creates a workplace where our colleagues can excel and grow together.


Finally, what is the most important takeaway you want readers to remember about OCS and its commitment to veterans?

The most important takeaway is that OCS supports veterans and the armed forces community. We value their skills and provide them with meaningful, rewarding careers. This commitment is a core part of who we are, and we will continue to strive for the best experience, productivity, practices, resilience, and outcomes for all our colleagues and communities.

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