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Charleigh Churchill Wins Corporate Receptionist of the Year!

OCS Team

OCS Team

10 Jun, 2024

Charleigh Churchill Wins Corporate Receptionist of the Year!

We are thrilled to announce that Charleigh Churchill, the exceptional Front of House (FoH) receptionist at amika guest services, has been awarded the prestigious Corporate Receptionist of the Year award. Charleigh’s dedication, creativity, and ambition have truly set her apart, making her a standout choice for this accolade.

Embodying Excellence

Charleigh is personable, creative, and ambitious, which is evident in everything she does. She is dedicated to skill development, knowledge sharing, and proactive collaboration with her colleagues. By consistently delivering exceptional service and driving positive results, Charleigh has become an invaluable member of the amika team.

Her proactive initiatives include rolling out toolbox talks, training inductions, and the ‘Amika’s Best Practice Collection’—a comprehensive guide for events and engagement. This guide has been instrumental in onboarding new starters and enhancing the overall workplace environment.

Completely driven by goals and constantly pursuing excellence in every aspect of my work, Charleigh’s primary focus is on providing outstanding customer experiences, leveraging each situation as an opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge for ongoing success, whilst constantly outperforming her high standards.

“My managers have been completely instrumental in shaping my career and providing me with opportunities I never thought were possible. Their leadership and vision are incredibly appreciated. And I just want to say Thank you for making my ideas feel valued and encouraging me to step outside the box and get creative. I’m thankful to be a part of this team and beyond proud to be flying the flag high for Amika Guest Services and OCS in the CROTY Awards 2024.”

Interests and Inspirations

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Charleigh has a passion for trying new things, baking, and spending time surrounded by friends and loved ones. Her willingness to go the extra mile for others is a testament to her character and commitment to making a positive impact both in and out of the workplace.

The Journey to Recognition

Charleigh’s journey to winning this award has been rigorous and well-deserved. She impressed the judges at every stage, her achievements thus far highlight her exceptional capabilities and dedication to her role.

We look forward to celebrating Charleigh’s continued success and are confident that she will continue to inspire and elevate those around her. Congratulations, Charleigh, on this remarkable achievement!

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