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City Apprentices Volunteer at Golders Hill Zoo

OCS Team

OCS Team

17 Jun, 2024

City Apprentices Volunteer at Golders Hill Zoo

Overview: Robert and Harry, two technical services colleagues from the City of London contract, participated in a volunteering day at Golders Hill Zoo along with other City colleagues. The group was divided into four teams, and Robert and Harry rotated through various initiatives aimed at enhancing the zoo’s facilities.

Initiatives and Impact: Robert and Harry helped with sanding, removing signage and weeding in the Butterfly House. They installed a liner in the pond, added soil and rocks, and also created a waterfall feature with pea shingle and pebbles. In the garden, they sanded and painted structures, pruned buddleia plants, and constructed a bug hotel. For animal enrichment, Robert and Harry built a feeder for the donkeys and a hammock for the cats. They also assisted with weeding in the Butterfly House again, sanding and painting additional garden structures, and adding pea shingle and pebbles to further enhance the pond area.

Social Value Delivered:

Community Engagement: The volunteering day fostered a sense of community and social responsibility for Robert and Harry. They had the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of a local zoo, strengthening the bond between the City and its surrounding areas.

Environmental Stewardship: By participating in initiatives focused on enhancing the zoo’s facilities and creating habitats for various species, Robert and Harry demonstrated their commitment to environmental conservation and promoting biodiversity.

Skills Development: They also gained hands-on experience in tasks such as gardening, construction, and animal enrichment. These practical skills can be valuable in their future careers and personal lives.

Animal Welfare: The efforts of Robert, Harry, and their fellow volunteers directly contributed to improving the living conditions and enrichment opportunities for the animals at Golders Hill Zoo, supporting animal welfare initiatives.


Volunteer working on a project at the zoo, with colleagues observing and offering support.


The volunteering day at Golders Hill Zoo was a rewarding experience for our two volunteers. Their efforts embodied the spirit of social value by actively engaging with the local community and contributing to environmental conservation efforts. Through hands-on tasks like gardening, construction, and creating enrichment for the animals, they had the chance to develop practical skills that will undoubtedly serve them well in their future endeavours. Moreover, the opportunity to work in teams and rotate through various initiatives fostered a collaborative environment, nurturing teamwork and cooperation. Importantly, their dedication and hard work directly supported animal welfare initiatives, enhancing the living conditions and enrichment opportunities for the zoo’s inhabitants. This volunteering experience not only benefited the zoo but also provided Robert, Harry, and their peers with valuable personal and professional growth opportunities.

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