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South Western Railway Renews Partnership with OCS

OCS Team

OCS Team

03 Jul, 2024

South Western Railway Renews Partnership with OCS

We are thrilled to announce the continuation of our successful partnership with South Western Railway (SWR). Following a contract extension, we remain dedicated to delivering exceptional services that enhance the travel experience for SWR’s passengers.

Key Drivers for Renewal 

The contract renewal with SWR is grounded in three fundamental drivers: 

Transparency and Delivery: We have consistently demonstrated transparency in our operations, ensuring that SWR receives accurate and timely information. Despite general resourcing challenges, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional services. 

Collaboration: We recognise the importance of collaboration in achieving shared goals. By working closely with SWR, we have fostered a strong partnership that benefits both parties. 

Innovation: OCS thrives on innovation. We continuously seek new ways to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. Its innovative solutions have positively impacted SWR’s operations. 

As we renew our partnership with OCS, we remain committed to delivering exceptional service to our passengers. OCS’s dedication to transparency, collaboration, and innovation aligns perfectly with our vision for an improved travel experience.

Charlie Hatcher

Head of Train Presentation, South Western Railway

Addressing Challenges 

Since the pandemic, many industries have faced the challenge of maintaining a sustained workforce.  We have strategically addressed this, resulting in transformative outcomes.  Over the past three years, we have diligently built a stable and reliable workforce for SWR. Our consistent efforts in recruitment and training have contributed to a motivated team that ensures smooth operations. 

Our exceptional cleaning  has also aided  in maintaining SWR’s fleet standards. The trains offer a welcoming environment and passengers can travel comfortably, knowing that cleanliness is a top priority. 

Digital Transformation 

As a testament to our commitment, we have revolutionised data/performance tracking on-site. We transitioned from manual paper-based processes to a sophisticated APP that captures real-time information visualised on PowerBi. This digital transformation has streamlined operations and improved efficiency.  

We also digitised 99% of the contract’s inspection, checklists and training records. This proactive approach ensures compliance and quality control. 

 Sustainability Initiatives 

We remain committed to environmental stewardship. To reduce carbon footprint, we introduced a chemical-free cleaning solution produced on-site. By minimising product transportation costs and promoting eco-friendly practices, we contribute to a greener future. 

I’m very proud that OCS’s working relationship with SWR is to continue. Our investment in innovative equipment and technological solutions, together with our commitments to ESG, are supporting SWR with their strategic objectives. Our team, which delivers exceptional services every day in challenging circumstances, is a source of huge pride.

Richard Marshall

Sector Managing Director Transport, OCS UK & Ireland

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