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Keeping things fresh: How our Ireland Catering team delivers fresh food and even fresher concepts to customers.

OCS Team

OCS Team

28 Mar, 2024

Keeping things fresh: How our Ireland Catering team delivers fresh food and even fresher concepts to customers.

Our mission is to make people and places the best they can be, so what better way than to continuously deliver fresh, nutritious food offerings for our customers?

We serve thousands of meals annually, and our focus is always on delivering healthy and enjoyable dining experiences. So how do we do it?

At the heart of our continuing catering success is Jason Le Lievre, Culinary Director at OCS Ireland. Jason focuses on partnering with local food suppliers whose stories align with our values and mission, to be the best. He strongly believes in the power of local connections and the quality of local Irish produce. Our commitment to sustainability means sourcing responsibly, minimising food waste, and supporting eco-conscious practices.

Developing new and exciting menus is challenging, but our catering team are bringing fresh food concepts that offer healthy and nutritious options to our customers every day. Our menus are reflective of the seasons and brought to life by the talent within our team. By using seasonal ingredients our menus capture the essence of each time of year, further celebrate local produce, and deliver the freshest flavours to our customers.

Jason’s passion lies in crafting new food concepts that not only consider produce, nutrients and flavour but also cost. With correct craftsmanship, technique, and imagination our team can create memorable dishes without compromising on quality.

“Our team has the talent, technique and imagination to continually push the boundaries on our menus.”

Jason Le Lievre

Culinary Director, OCS Ireland

As Culinary Director, Jason is always seeking inspiration, which means keeping up to date with the latest food trends by eating out, talking with industry colleagues, reviewing social media content and devouring as many cookbooks as he can get his hands on. Below is just a sample of some of the incredible catering offerings that he has served up across our customer sites.

Irish Catering services creations

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