Love in Action; Kindness at Heart

Valentine’s Day was truly at its best with the OCS Philippines team joining hands with Childhope Philippines Foundation, Inc. to create a day of love that went beyond the ordinary. Our hearts swelled with joy as we made the day extra special for the children of Blumentritt, Manila, through an initiative we named “Love in Action; Kindness at Heart.”

Our main goal wasn’t just to bring laughter and joy to these little hearts but also to leave them with a lasting message about love and kindness. To kick things off, our team prepared a heartwarming short film, teaching the kids the importance of helping others and the profound impact their kindness can have. The smiles on their faces as they absorbed this lesson were priceless.

The day was packed with fun activities, including various games that had the children giggling and playing with newfound friends. One highlight was the dedicated time for our employees who went the extra mile, dipping into their own pockets to offer special gifts to the children. The genuine connections formed during these moments emphasized how the spirit of OCS is not just a concept but a living reality, united in both mind and heart.

But the giving didn’t stop there. Thanks to generous donations from our OCS Philippines team, we were able to present the children with an array of toys, turning their day into a playground of happiness. Witnessing their excitement and the immediate sharing among the kids, who even thought of their younger siblings, added an extra layer of warmth to the day.

As the children enjoyed a feast, the spirit of sharing prevailed. It was touching to see them set aside some goodies to bring home for their families. Their selflessness and consideration for others showcased the true essence of love and hope.

In the end, this day became a tapestry woven with threads of inspiration and love. The resilience and hope radiating from these incredible kids left an indelible mark on our hearts. Through “Love in Action; Kindness at Heart,” we not only brightened their Valentine’s Day but also planted seeds of compassion and goodwill that will hopefully blossom in their lives for years to come.

Kalyendirya & Storytelling

We believe that street children are created in the image of the Supreme Being with inherent worth and dignity. Therefore, they have the right to live and be protected from any form of abuse. They should be given opportunities to express themselves and maximize their potentials to help themselves and others.


Childhope Philippines

On the 25th of October 2023, something truly magical happened in the heart of Paco, Manila. OCS Philippines and Childhope Philippines joined hands, not just as organizations, but as beacons of hope, compassion, and change. The result? A day filled with joy, optimism, and knowledge, a day that left a profound mark on the youthful hearts of Paco.

This remarkable corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative was a symphony of compassion and learning. It started with enlightening sessions that emphasized the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness. These simple yet vital lessons are the building blocks of healthier and happier lives, paving the way for brighter futures.

But it wasn’t all about lectures and rules. There were engaging recreational activities that brought laughter and excitement, reminding us that education can be fun. Storytelling sessions added another layer of magic, allowing the children to not just listen but become the story itself. This ignited their creativity, turning them into heroes of their own tales.

And what’s a day of learning and play without nourishing meals? OCS Philippines and Childhope Philippines ensured that every child was not just fed but nourished, their bodies and minds ready to embrace the world with renewed strength.

This noble endeavour transcends charity; it is a testament to our shared mission of improving well-being. It’s a shining example of our commitment to leave a lasting impact wherever we go. Every action we take, every location we visit, and every individual we encounter becomes an opportunity to make the world a better place.

In a single pulse, two cities beat as one. Thank you, Red Cell Rangers!

In a profound display of solidarity, the heartbeat of compassion resonated between two vibrant cities as the OCS Group Philippines orchestrated a remarkable blood donation drive in collaboration with the Philippine Red Cross. Manila and Cebu, two bustling urban centers, harmonized their efforts in a single pulse, illustrating the potent impact of unity on the journey of saving lives.

This exceptional initiative transcends geographical boundaries, emphasizing that benevolence knows no limits. The synergy between the OCS Group Philippines teams in Manila and Cebu, combined with the unwavering support of the Philippine Red Cross, brought forth a tangible testament to the power of collective goodwill. Each donated pint of blood becomes a poignant symbol of selflessness and shared responsibility, weaving a narrative that underscores the intrinsic connection between diverse communities.

A total of 36 bags of life-sustaining blood were collected, each serving as a reservoir of hope for those in need. This impressive outcome not only reflects the generosity of the participants but also underscores the critical impact such initiatives can have on bolstering healthcare resources. As the ripples of kindness emanate from this collective effort, it inspires a ripple effect, urging others to join in and perpetuate this flow of compassion. Let this endeavor stand as a beacon, reminding us all that when cities beat as one, remarkable feats of humanity can be achieved, and the pulse of kindness can reverberate far beyond the boundaries of any single community.

The Power of Listening: Why our colleague engagement survey is essential

Embracing global perspectives

Every one of our OCS colleagues is valued, and as the Group Chief People Officer at OCS, in a company as diverse as ours and spread across numerous countries and embracing many languages and cultures, it’s imperative to truly listen to our colleagues. This understanding forms the bedrock of our strategy to become the world’s leading facilities service company.

The significance of every voice

In an organisation as vast as OCS, the insights and experiences of our colleagues, particularly those on the front lines, are invaluable. These team members are the eyes and ears of our operations, interacting directly with our customers and experiencing first-hand the daily challenges and triumphs. We must not only hear their voices but actively listen and engage with them.

Beyond the survey: A commitment to action

Conducting a colleague engagement survey is vital in this engagement process. However, the true essence of these surveys lies in what we do with the information we gather. It’s about turning feedback into action, ensuring every suggestion and insight raised is addressed, not just acknowledged. This approach isn’t just about improving our operational efficiency; it’s about fostering a culture where every colleague feels respected, valued, and heard.

Creating a stronger, unified OCS

Our ambition to be the best in the world is deeply intertwined with our internal culture. Engaging our colleagues through these surveys is more than just gathering data; it’s about empowering them to shape the future of OCS. Their insights are pivotal in crafting policies and practices that resonate with our diverse workforce, driving us towards a cohesive and inclusive organisational culture.

Conclusion: Cultivating a culture of continuous improvement

In our journey towards making people and places the best they can be, the engagement and satisfaction of our colleagues remains a top priority. Through our engagement surveys, we’re not just collecting opinions but inviting our colleagues to participate actively in our journey towards excellence. By listening and responding to them, we are enhancing their experience at OCS and reinforcing our position as a global leader. Together, we are building an exemplary OCS in service, colleague satisfaction, and engagement.