Modern Slavery Statement

Modern slavery is a growing concern globally. The data tells us that the numbers of people suffering from this terrible crime are increasing by 20% every 4 years which has seen published figures of 50 million people that are now held in modern slavery conditions worldwide.

2022 saw the fallout of the Covid pandemic and political unrest meaning mass human migration which allows criminals to manipulate peoples needs and fears and the result is that this crime only becomes more prevalent but further underground.

PCS are an ethical business with integrity and this runs through our entire organisation to our front line workers. Our approach to business is informed by our Values: Care, Safety, Trustworthy and Expert. These Values underpin the decisions we take, guide us to do the right thing, and they inform the approach
PCS is taking to modern slavery. Our commitment is both clear and achievable – to eradicate modern slavery and human trafficking within both our business and our supply chains, throughout our global network.

Read our full Modern Slavery Statement here