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Leading the way – OCS goes carbon neutral

OCS Team

OCS Team

01 Apr, 2021

Leading the way – OCS goes carbon neutral

OCS has achieved Toitū carbonzero certification across both its Australian and New Zealand businesses, becoming the first Australasian company of its type to receive this certification. The milestone was published in the company’s recent 2020 sustainability report.

Since 2017, OCS has worked closely with Toitū Envirocare to accurately measure its operational greenhouse gas emissions and put in place strategies to manage and reduce its carbon footprint each year, achieving Toitū carbonreduce certification in New Zealand for the last two years.

OCS Australia & New Zealand Managing Director, Gareth Marriott, says “OCS Australia has been working with Toitū Envirocare to audit our Australian carbon emissions with the aim of bringing Australia into line with New Zealand, through achieving Toitū carbonreduce certification.

“We decided to fast-track our plans by taking the next step in our sustainability journey to become carbon neutral. Our goal is to ensure OCS is a business which is in harmony with our environment, setting an example for other facilities management services businesses around our region and the world.”

Carbon neutrality is an aspirational goal and OCS recognises that avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions in their entirety is almost impossible. Given this, they took the step to purchase verified carbon credits.

“Decarbonising our entire business to reach carbon neutral is a major step towards meeting our strategic business objective of being the most environmentally sustainable business in our sector by 2030.”

Sustainable Business Council (NZ) Executive Director, Mike Burrell, says “2020 was characterised by uncertainty and challenge, particularly for those trying to combat climate change and move from climate advocacy to action.

“This makes OCS’ many commitments in this space even more pleasing.

“Achieving Toitū carbonzero certification in both Australia and New Zealand is a major accomplishment and demonstrates OCS’ commitment to carbon reduction and the Paris Agreement.

“These actions help deliver a strong message to many others in the sector to follow suit.”

OCS’ sustainability programme is aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement’s 1.5-degree pathway and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Read the OCS Australia and New Zealand Sustainability Report 2020 here.

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