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OCS Malaysia Launches ‘Back to the Floor’ Initiative

OCS Malaysia

OCS Malaysia

01 Dec, 2023

OCS Malaysia Launches ‘Back to the Floor’ Initiative

OCS Group Malaysia is proud to rollout our “Back to the Floor” initiative. This program aims to foster a stronger connection between our management team and the frontline staff, promoting a culture of collaboration and understanding within our organization.

As a leading Integrated Facilities Management company in Malaysia, we recognize the importance of maintaining open lines of communication and ensuring that all levels of our workforce feel valued and heard. The “Back to the Floor” initiative will provide an opportunity for our management team to gain firsthand experience of the challenges and opportunities faced by our frontline staff.

Through this program, our managers will spend dedicated time working alongside our frontline employees, immersing themselves in their daily tasks and responsibilities. This hands-on approach will not only enable our managers to appreciate the hard work and dedication of our frontline staff, but also allow them to identify any areas for improvement and implement necessary changes.

By participating in the “Back to the Floor” initiative, our management team will be able to gain valuable insights into the day-to-day operations of our organization. This experience will enhance their understanding of the challenges faced by our frontline staff, enabling them to make more informed decisions that benefit both our employees and our customers.

At OCS Group Malaysia, we believe that effective leadership is not just about giving orders from the top, but also about understanding the needs and concerns of our employees. The “Back to the Floor” initiative reflects our commitment to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered.

This program will have a positive impact on both our management team and our frontline staff. By bridging the gap between management and employees, we can work together towards achieving our goals and delivering exceptional service to our customers.

We would like to thank our Chief Strategy Officer APACME & Cluster Managing Director, Jun Sochi for his participation and our esteem client, Marlborough College Malaysia for allowing us to conduct this at their school.

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