Indigenous jerseys celebrate NAIDOC week at Wynnum Wolves

Wynnum Wolves Football Club is delighted to announce its second year of collaboration with OCS Australia to support the creation of a special indigenous, NAIDOC-inspired club jersey, as well as indigenous awareness programs and player scholarships.

OCS Australia General Manager, Stephen Lockley, said partnering with the club was another way OCS could contribute to celebrating the rich and diverse cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

“At OCS we walk the talk,” said Stephen. “Our values, Trust, Respect, Unity, and Empowerment, mean exactly that – so we’re delighted to sponsor Wynnum Wolves, one of the few remaining grassroots community football clubs in Queensland, as they continue to develop local young talent.

The OCS logo and tagline on the front of this year’s NAIDOC jersey – To Be Your Best –blend beautifully with those on the back of Wynnum’s NAIDOC kit – Ngali Nananya Nagali, which translates to: We Walk Together. Both these statements sum up the values of our two organisations and our shared commitment to working in unison to highlight an important week on the Australian calendar.

Wynnum Wolves FC President, Rabieh Krayem, is looking forward to seeing the jerseys proudly worn on a number of occasions during NAIDOC Week – 7-14 July – by the club’s NPL Men and Under 23s, FQPL Women and Academy boys and girls teams.

“As a club, we’re constantly looking for ways we can support our community and we’re grateful for companies like OCS who help us to do just that.

“This year we’ve worked with talented young local Quandamooka Aboriginal artist, Ayla Costello, to design the special indigenous jersey to worn by our 1,500+ players and members”

Wynnum Wolves FC and OCS Australia respectfully acknowledge Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders as the first peoples of Australia and the Quandamooka People as the traditional owners of the land on which Carmichael Park sits.

We respect and value Australia’s First Nations peoples’ resilience, courage, determination and contribution to this country’s social and economic development, while recognising the immense cultural, spiritual and linguistic diversity that has existed in these lands for thousands of years.

We pay respect to leaders past, present and emerging.

Showing the jersey, OCS Australia

2023: A Year of Challenges and Triumphs for OCS Australia & New Zealand

The global economy remains unpredictable, geopolitical dynamics have shifted dramatically, and the rise of groundbreaking technologies like AI has introduced new complexities. Despite these challenges, OCS is steadfast in its mission to make people, places, and our planet the best they can be.

This week, we proudly released our sixth sustainability report, and our first OCS Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand Environmental Social Governance (ESG) report, which highlights our achievements and challenges from 2023. This ESG Report aligns the Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand region with our global family, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

A New Era for OCS

At the end of 2022, OCS Group International sold its facilities services division. In March 2023, the new owners acquired Atalian Global Services’ operations in the UK, Ireland, and Asia, merging them with OCS Group to form one of the world’s largest international facilities service providers.

Leadership and Vision

Gareth Marriott, OCS ANZ Managing Director, emphasises that OCS is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact globally. “By focusing on the right actions and collaborating with our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and communities, we can secure a better future for generations to come,” he asserts.

Commitment to Reducing Carbon Emissions

Reducing carbon emissions remains a critical challenge for OCS. “We have made significant progress in reducing emissions across Scope 1 and 2, but we recognise that reducing total emissions is an ongoing challenge,” Gareth explains.

Celebrating Successes in 2023

Despite the hurdles, 2023 was filled with numerous accomplishments:

  • Our Australian business won the Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Award at the WA WHS 2023 Work Health & Safety Awards and was a finalist in several other categories, reflecting our commitment to our colleagues’ health, safety and wellbeing.
  • We expanded our Midcity insurance repair and commercial building business into Victoria to meet growing customer needs.
  • Peter Lucas, our 2023 Annual OCS Star winner, exemplifies exceptional service at 72 years old. His inspirational story is featured in the social section of the report.
  • In Aotearoa New Zealand, we partnered with Māori business advisor Dr. Jim Mather to develop a cultural capability strategy, Whiria Te Tangata.
  • In Australia, we completed our draft Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) with guidance from First Nations advocate Cameron Costello.

Dedication to Sustainability

OCS’ commitment to sustainability is integral to our operations. We hold ISO 14001 and Toitū net carbonzero accreditations, underscoring our dedication to environmental stewardship.

With over 4,500 colleagues across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, representing more than 90 nationalities, OCS ANZ is dedicated to making people and places the best they can be through conscious and collaborative efforts.

You can view the report here.

Collaboration with Aboriginal Artist for RAP

National Reconciliation Week is a special time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements while exploring how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

Here at OCS, we push ourselves to continue learning and taking steps to help tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation. We’re doing this by developing and implementing our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) – a step-by-step plan that formalises our commitment to reconciliation and our desire to contribute to positive change.

This National Reconciliation Week, we partnered with Perth International Airport, to hold a series of workshops with Aboriginal artist Buffie Punch of the Noongar Nation. Buffie will be completing two separate artworks (one for each of us) representing each organisation, to have as part of our RAP and be presented during NAIDOC week in July.

“Our team really enjoyed the interactive art workshops with Buffie and appreciated the opportunity to have some meaningful conversations,” said OCS Australia General Manager, Stephen Lockley.

“Huge thanks to the Perth Airport team for hosting us at their Airport Experience Centre – we can’t wait to see the finished art pieces.”

OCS’s RAP forms a roadmap to reframe our relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and work with them to ensure ongoing diversity and inclusion in all elements of our business.

It represents the culmination of our desire and respect for reconciliation and is a natural reflection of our TRUE values of Trust, Respect, Unity and Empowerment.

Working with Buffie is another significant step in our RAP. She was raised in Perth (where OCS Australia is headquartered) and has family connections to Gnowangerup in Western Australia. Much of her work is influenced by family, cultural connections, spirituality, and relationships – which is a great alignment for OCS.

She believes art is one of the greatest tools for helping with mental and emotional issues, and of course, is a great storytelling platform. Everyone has a story to tell, and art is one of the most creative forms for sharing these stories.

We’re looking forward to witnessing our story come to life through Buffie’s work, while continuing our journey towards achieving our vision for reconciliation of an Australia where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are restored to a place of equity and respect.

Living Our TRUE Values – Harmony’s Quick Actions Saved a Life

When we talk about living our TRUE Values, we need look no further than Harmony Pandher, a Customer Services Manager at OCS Australia.

Travelling between customer sites on a busy Wednesday afternoon in St Kilda, she was horrified to witness a hit-and-run where a car hit an elderly woman in a wheelchair on a pedestrian crossing, knocking her to the ground.

With the traffic at a standstill, Harmony immediately moved her car to block traffic to protect the woman and raced to her aid.

“It was clear that the lady Mrs Fernandez was in urgent need of medical attention. She had blood coming from a wound in her head and was covered with scrapes and contusions,” said Harmony.

“The traffic was gridlocked, and I knew it would be a long wait for an ambulance and I knew from my first aid training that getting her to hospital quickly was paramount – and, having lost both my parents, there was no way I was going to risk this lady’s life.

“So, after consulting other bystanders, we put Mrs Fernandez into the back of my car, and I embarked on some creative (but safe) driving to get her to the Royal Melbourne Hospital as quickly as possible.”

After ensuring Mrs Fernandez was safe in the care of the medical team and providing her statement to the Police, Harmony simply got on with her day. It wasn’t until Mrs Fernandez’s son contacted OCS wanting to thank Harmony for her care in such a critical situation, that anyone knew anything about her heroic afternoon.

When asked why she hadn’t told anyone, Harmony said “I did what I believe anyone would do – treating others with compassion and humility in such situations.”

OCS AU team group photo

Alex Fernandez, Mrs Fernandez’s son, said his whole family are grateful Harmony was on the spot to help.

“Harmony’s quick actions saved my mother’s life. Thank you, Harmony, your care and kindness means so much. You went above and beyond, and we are thankful you were right there on the scene,” says Alex Fernandez.

Gareth Marriott, OCS Managing Director, said: “We are so proud of Harmony’s actions during such a critical moment. Her quick thinking saved a life – reflecting her extraordinary empathy and dedication to helping others.

“The way Harmony responded is a testament to her character and the TRUE Star she is. We are honoured to have someone of her integrity and courage on our team.”

OCS Donates 20 Wheelchairs to Wheelchairs For Kids

In early May, our OCS team in Western Australia donated 20 wheelchairs to the Wheelchairs for Kids headquarters in Wangara WA. These wheelchairs are now on their way to Zambia, ready to transform the lives of children in need.

After completing a Passengers with Restricted Mobility contract (PRM), our team found themselves left with several wheelchairs needing to find new homes. Thanks to our valuable connections at the Wanneroo Business Association, we were able to ensure these wheelchairs would reach children who needed them most.

Wheelchairs for Kids is a volunteer-driven not-for-profit organisation dedicated to bringing the transformative gift of mobility to children in impoverished and under-resourced communities both in Australia and around the globe.

Wheelchairs don’t just provide mobility – they provide lifelong empowerment. With improved access to education, better health outcomes, and enriched social connections, wheelchairs lay the foundation for a fulfilling life—privileges many of us take for granted. Wheelchairs for Kids has delivered this life-changing gift to over 50,000 children across 90 countries, restoring dignity, hope, and independence to the world’s most vulnerable.

Children living with a disability are among the most marginalised groups in the world. Without adequate medical care and equipment, they face an even greater burden. However, numerous studies have highlighted the positive and long-lasting benefits of providing wheelchairs, including:

  • Increased life expectancy
  • Easier access to healthcare, food and water
  • Broadened employment opportunities
  • Empowering parents to work and contribute to family and village income
  • Improved social integration and overall life satisfaction
  • Improved respiration and digestion, slowing the progression of deformities

Since 1998, Wheelchairs for Kids has tirelessly worked to deliver the life-changing gift of mobility to the world’s most underprivileged regions. In Zambia alone, they have donated 1,003 wheelchairs, with an additional 20 from OCS about to make their journey, continuing this incredible mission!

Since then, we are delighted to share that an additional 18 wheelchairs have been donated – making it a total of 38 chairs!

Groundhouse Giveback Scheme raises £10,000 for farmers in need

Giving back to local communities

We have been working with the Capucas (COCAFCAL) Co-operative and donating £2 from every case of coffee we purchase, which then pays into a revolving fund that helps improve the living standards for the smaller coffee bean producers.

The needs of the farming community changes regularly, so the Giveback Programme allows the money to be invested in funds where it matters and is needed the most. The fund has been developed as support to small producers’ specific needs such as improvement of housing, shelters and production infrastructure – which will benefit both the producers and their families, with the aim of increasing the economic and productive income for the farmers of the Capucas.

From courses on growing vegetables to reduce food costs and improve health, to providing tools they need to harvest, as well as basic housing and infrastructure improvements, the fund helps with whatever the community needs.

This year our Groundhouse Give Back Programme has hit an amazing total of £10,000!

This money will positively impact improving living standards in the farming communities, from where we source some of our Blend 7 coffee. We are incredibly proud of our teams, they have been working extremely hard to promote our Groundhouse Coffee brand and have been serving nothing less than the best coffee.

“We decided to start a field school for the implementation of vegetables where more than 30+ Households have participated, including young people between 17 to 25 years and adults. This will benefit small producers, who lack suitable conditions to live in dignity and offer better spaces to their coffee in each harvest. It’s also being used for inputs, equipment, and first-hand tools such as mowers, pumps, inputs, etc. Thankyou Groundhouse, this money will change lives!”


Capucas café

OCS proudly welcomes Thai Ambassador to its London office

On 14th December 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting the UK-ASEAN Business Council (UKABC) roundtable that involved Thai Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Thani Thongphakdi, visiting our London office.

Our colleagues had the opportunity to listen to Thani Thongphakdi share his thoughts on a number of topics, including upcoming Government events, our cultural economy and the pivotal role that ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) plays in our society.

“I was particularly impressed with the discussion highlighting the significance of social mobility for PCS Thailand and OCS Group, emphasising the need for fostering vocational skills development alongside academic achievement. These conversations resonated deeply with our commitments and values at OCS.”

Gavin Wainer

OCS Group Commercial Officer

What is UKABC?

UKABC is a leading organisation on all matters involving ASEAN. They provide awareness on the latest opportunities in the region and assist UK companies looking to expand their operations into markets across Southeast Asia.

Promoting Holistic Wellbeing

Across OCS we actively cultivate a culture where our colleague’s wellbeing is at the centre of what we do. Our Wellbeing/Hauora Manager sends out a monthly Wellbeing Newsletter to ensure emphasis is drawn to a myriad of health topics – from mental health to physical health check-ups through to budgeting advice.

All colleagues have free access to an Employee Assistance Programme. This is a confidential support service and supports colleagues with problems or issues that may impact their performance at work, physical, mental or emotional wellbeing. We partner with Pace National in Australia and OCP in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Another way we look after employee wellbeing is to encourage participation in national (and international) wellness days, highlighting various aspects of mental and physical wellness.

The Australian teams participated in national ‘Are you OK Day’, including a morning tea and games to raise awareness that a simple conversation to check in with family, friends and colleagues could save a life. They also participated in ‘Near Miss November’, encouraging colleagues to report near miss incidents.

Meanwhile, our New Zealand teams donned pink to champion a bully-free environment through Pink Shirt Day – to ‘Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora – Speak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying!’ The Christchurch team also joined in the ‘pink’ action, but this time in support of Breast Cancer Awareness through a Pink Ribbon Walk.

Mental Health Awareness week provided an opportunity to encourage our colleagues to prioritise and understand what ‘fills their cup’ and helps to boost moods. All small things, but ones that go a long way to normalise prioritising mental health as part of a holistic health regime.

Valerie Dale, OCS Group Chief People Officer, attends back to the floor visit

Valerie Dale, OCS Group Chief People Officer, recently attended a back to the floor visit at one of our laundry facilities in Feltham.

Valerie’s day began with a tour of the site where she saw our fantastic colleagues and machinery in action. During the tour she learnt some impressive stats about the facilities, including that from January 2023 to August 2023, our dedicated team washed 74,675,556 kgs and processed 46,414,728 pieces of laundry, a true showcase of how exceptional our colleagues are at what they do!

Valerie’s first job of the day was ironing and her skills were put to the test as she aimed to meet the hourly ironing targets our colleagues achieve.

She then got stuck in with the laundry sorting where she worked with the team to make sure each item was put into the correct bag before it was prepared to be washed. After only 45 minutes, Valerie and the team managed to sort through an impressive 2.2 tonnes of laundry!

OCS receive social value commendation at ERSA Employability Awards 2023

OCS were honoured to receive a social value commendation at the ERSA Employability Awards 2023.

We always aim to be our best, delivering the best partnerships and best services every time. It takes a hard-working, knowledgeable and compassionate team to provide the services and initiatives at OCS and we are extremely proud of our commendation.

The ERSA Employability Awards celebrate best practice in the employment support sector and demonstrate the hard work and dedication of those working to improve the lives of jobseekers, communities and the wider workforce.

We were also thrilled to have been nominated by Ingeus for the ‘Employer Partnership of the Year Award’.

Unlocking potential: placing people into work with OCS

The nomination

We are committed to being a responsible employer and building a diverse and inclusive workforce reflective of the communities we serve. We have an established ‘Placing People into Work’ programme dedicated to changing lives by providing meaningful employment to people from vulnerable groups and pathways for development for all our colleagues.

Ingeus and OCS work closely together to develop and refine tailored recruitment processes for each contract. By tailoring the pre-selection process, we ensure that candidates are equipped with everything they need to help them succeed in work. This includes making sure candidates have the necessary documents, information and training ahead of being interviewed, and that support mechanisms are in place for new recruits once they are in work.

Ingeus is now supporting us to fill vacancies for Court Tribunal and Security Officers (CTSO) in London and Greater Manchester. Together we have developed and refined a recruitment process, established service level agreements, and are now delivering exceptional results. In the last such recruitment exercise there were 20 candidates put forward for interview who secured job offers.

To help prepare candidates for interview Ingeus works with OCS to:

  • Source candidates with the right skills and aptitudes for the role
  • Deliver employer information sessions
  • Fund participants Security Industry Association (SIA) licences
  • Deliver a bespoke 3-day CTSO routeway course (designed by OCS)
  • Arrange a visit to a local court
  • Prepare documents for the enhanced security vetting processes

All candidates who successfully complete the CTSO routeway course are put forward for interview.

In the first recruitment round, Ingeus Employer Account Manager Farwa spent several weeks calling 160 potential applicants to see whether the role would suit them. She narrowed the search down to 12 people who attended a three-day Routeway Course devised by Ingeus to explain the job in detail. Seven people were offered roles, four of whom are female.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in the building – people were jumping up and down with delight after getting the jobs,” she recalls. “An established company had given them a chance and you couldn’t help but feel the emotion in the room.”

In undertaking this innovative and tailored approach to recruitment through Ingeus, we are attracting candidates who would not typically apply for our vacancies. In doing so we are challenging role stereotypes (gender, age, ethnicity etc.) and creating a stronger workforce which is more reflective of the communities we work within.

Stephen Kerr, Senior Regional Manager, OCS, said the partnership had been instrumental in supporting our drive to attract women and others currently under-represented in the security industry.

“Working with Ingeus on our social value recruitment process, we have been able to recruit talented people into our workforce who have unique experiences and abilities,” he said. “In our role at HM Courts and Tribunals Service, showing our customers genuine empathy in difficult circumstances is a key skill and our Ingeus recruits have that in abundance.”

Ann-Marie Conlon-Taylor, OCS Social Value Manager, HMCTS contract added: “Working with Ingeus helps us access people who have faced barriers to work, but who are being properly supported in a professional manner into employment. We were very impressed with the calibre of applicants put forward.”

Angel Hill Food Co chef wins ‘StrEATfood Chef of the Year 2023’

A Development Chef who works for leading contract caterer Angel Hill Food Co, has been awarded a highly prestigious award recognising his outstanding talent, creativity and dedication to delivering exceptional food experiences.

Matt Chapman was named “StrEATfood Chef of the year” at the Annual StrEATfood Awards which searches for the UK’s most creative street food chef from the workplace and event catering sectors. He beat 15 other chefs who were also shortlisted after entering their signature street food dishes for the panel of judges, with a winning dish of a Keralan steak and chip butty. He also came second in the ‘Dish of the year’ category with his Oak smoked goat birria tacos.

Matt has worked at Angel Hill Food Co for almost 6 years where he develops recipes for clients, creating dishes that are tasty, healthy and different.

Commenting on his win Matt said: “I am truly honoured and humbled by this recognition. Street food is all about connecting with people through the power of food and I feel incredibly lucky to have this platform to share my passion.  This award belongs to my dedicated team who have supported me throughout the competition and given me the opportunity to explore new flavours, techniques, and cultures.  My company has always championed my ambitions – providing me, and my team, with the tools and skills to do more, allowing us to achieve great things together.”

Chris Ince, Chef Director at Angel Hill Food Co, added: “We are extremely proud of Matt and this incredible achievement.  His passion for food shines through in his engagement with all of our frontline teams and the amazing food he creates for our clients. These awards are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all that the contract catering industry has to offer, and they are aligned to our commitment to making people and places the best they can be.”

It’s Road Safety Week!

We invite you to participate in Road Safety Week that is running from November 19th to 25th. The week is about spreading awareness, fostering mindfulness, and ensuring safety for ourselves and each other on the roads.

Our goal is simple: to save lives.

Each year, countless lives are affected by road accidents, but together, we can make a difference. By coming together during Road Safety Week, we can:

  • Raise awareness: Help others understand the importance of safe driving, responsible pedestrian behaviour, and the consequences of road accidents.
  • Promote mindfulness: Encourage everyone to be more mindful while on the road, whether behind the wheel or walking as pedestrians.
  • Ensure safety for all: Share tips, best practices, and resources to make our roads safer for everyone.
  • Visit to download posters and resources to help spread the word and drive the message home.

Join us in making roads safer and preventing accidents during Road Safety Week. We can create a positive impact, save lives, and build a safer community.

Drive Safely!