Empowering Leadership: The OCS Catalyst Programme

At OCS, our high ambitions and expectations create both challenges and opportunities. To navigate this landscape effectively, we have launched the Catalyst Programme. This program is aimed at nurturing some of our most accomplished performers to lead their teams to even greater success.

Program Objectives

The Catalyst Programme is strategically designed to achieve several vital objectives for sustaining and enhancing our leadership framework. Its primary goal is to develop a cohesive leadership and management strategy for OCS UK and Ireland. By equipping our leaders with the necessary skills and confidence, we ensure they are prepared to achieve and maintain success.

Another key objective is to share and refine effective leadership and management techniques, encouraging participants to enhance their methods and skills for immediate workplace application. This approach helps participants achieve their potential and inspires their teams to reach their goals.

Intended Outcomes

The program aims to achieve several important outcomes. Participants will contribute to shaping and driving the organisation’s vision, mission, and ambitions. This will help the organisation maintain success in the face of changing circumstances and drive growth. Protecting our existing business and brand reputation, improving performance, and increasing profitability are crucial goals. Additionally, the program seeks to develop a deeper pool of leaders and managers within OCS, fostering a high-performance climate where innovation thrives, and resilience is built. Participants will be equipped to lead business improvements and identify potential acquisitions, ensuring effective integration and sustained high performance.

Through the Catalyst Programme, OCS is dedicated to empowering its leaders to promote success and innovation, ensuring our organisation remains at the forefront of the facilities management industry.

Tom Copsey

Director of Resourcing & Talent Management

The Program Structure

The Catalyst Programme comprises practical workshops on real-world application and pre- and post-development activities designed to reinforce learning. Participants will immediately apply their new skills and methods in the workplace, driving improvements in several critical areas.

Key Areas of Focus

The Catalyst Programme empowers participants to develop capabilities in various key areas:

  • Leadership and Managment
  • Strategic Insight and Implementation
  • Creating High-Performance Climates
  • Enhancing Commercial Capabilities
  • Business Improvement and Innovation
  • Self-Management and Effective Communication

By focusing on these areas, OCS ensures its leaders are well-prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, driving success and innovation in the facilities management industry.

Join us in celebrating our new cohort of ambitious leaders who are set to shape OCS’s future, making people and places the best they can be and delivering the best outcomes for colleagues, customers and communities.

Ready to take your leadership skills to the next level?

Whether you’re a current employee looking to elevate your career, or a potential applicant seeking to join a dynamic organisation committed to leadership excellence, the Catalyst Programme awaits.

Leveraging ABi: Transforming Facilities Management Today 

The facilities management industry has seen numerous advancements and innovations, particularly in the realm of technology. Here at OCS, we’ve embraced one such innovation: ABi. 

ABi, or Advanced Building Intelligence, is an integrated solution that harnesses the power of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. By collecting and analysing data, ABi drives improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness. But it’s not just about crunching numbers. ABi understands the intricate dynamics of each site, creates a data model reflecting how people interact with these spaces, and guides them to their optimal work areas via automated task allocation. 

Reducing Costs and Monitoring ESG Commitments with ABi 

ABi is a formidable tool for businesses looking to maintain costs and monitor their ESG performance. The technology smartly tracks water and energy usage through features such as real-time performance data, energy optimisation, remote asset monitoring, demand-based cleaning, and occupancy tracking. Implementing these features leads to significant cost savings and improved working conditions. 

One of the significant benefits of ABi is its role in environmental sustainability. It unlocks the ability to optimise energy usage and tailor cleaning programmes to match occupancy and demand. ABi also plays a pivotal role in waste management. Using sensors in bins to notify relevant operatives when they are 75% full, leads to more efficient waste management and utilisation of labour resources. This technology can potentially facilitate significant savings on waste and time. 

Take, another example, the virtual PPM we employ with ABi in washrooms. It monitors outlets for water flow and temperatures 24/7, reporting which ones require flushing based on usage and flow. The data gathered from these sensors can guide your business’s water consumption plans, considering the predicted 6% rise in water bills, an increase above inflation, and the average workplace water consumption of 50 litres per employee. In a world of increasing water scarcity, every litre counts. 

OCS ABi text laid over a blue-tinged image of a data centre pointing to the technology used in facilities management

The Role of Our Computer-Aided Facilities Management System 

Our services are all connected through our Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) System, ensuring we stay ahead of any challenges your site may face. By connecting the latest cutting-edge technology, we digitise your building 24/7 through an industry-leading AI engine integrated with our CAFM Platform, providing a truly integrated smart building experience. 

In conclusion, ABi is more than a technological solution; it’s a strategic tool that drives cost savings, environmental sustainability, and improved service delivery. As we continue to innovate, we remain focused on enhancing our service delivery, driving continuous improvement, and delivering the highest levels of customer experience. 

Evolving training practices to provide the best experience for our customers

Using innovative training to improve customer experience

Delivering an enjoyable experience is critical to the success of a destination venue, so OCS has created bespoke customer service training for our colleagues to add value to the services we provide.

Our new EVOLVE Guest Services Certificate Programme covers topics ranging from engaging with customers to overcoming difficult situations. Created internally by our Learning & Development team, the course was designed specifically with our shopping centre, leisure destination and airport customers in mind and is accredited by Corndel Business School.

“The programme is tailored to the environments we work in and takes into consideration the customer profiles we would come across, with actual scenarios of situations that might happen in those environments.

We were keen for it to be accredited as this gives us a unique selling point; no internal programme has been accredited before.”

Nicole Thake

Strategic Bid Manager, Aviation & Gateways

David Wheeler, Head of Learning and Development, adds: “The EVOLVE Guest Services Certificate Programme demonstrates our continued investment in our people and our ability to capitalise on the expertise we have in the business.”

The programme was piloted with a ‘train the trainer’ course and is now being rolled out across the business, delivered by operational colleagues to team members on site.

Sean Williams, Corndel’s Chief Executive, says: “We believe the programme will make a positive difference to participants and the customers they serve.”